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About Sun Company

Located in colorful Colorado, inspired by the rugged Rocky Mountains, Sun Company, Inc. has been designing and building inclinometers since 1971.  And like the Rockies, our products stand the test of time.  Durable, fully enclosed housings. Engraved and hand-painted graphics that can last for decades.  Unique Saturn Yellow tube assemblies for high visibility, even in low light.  These all add up to improved safety and peace of mind. And more confidence on the job.

Our Vision.


We've grown our business over the decades from the ground up, with bedrock values of hard work, listening to our valued customers, attention to detail, and creative design.  We're independent and focused, and have built our business with our own working capital... one brick at a time.  Our goal has always been to provide the best possible products, and do so at reasonable cost.  We're blessed with an amazing team of workers who are dedicated, quality conscious, and innovative.  And they are justifiably proud that most of our safety products are Made in the USA.


It's gratifying to know our inclinometers are relied upon throughout the world.  And we're grateful for the opportunity to make products that provide valuable information to users of our products.  Information that, when properly used, can keep them safer and more secure on the job.  This is what drives us, and makes our work worthwhile.


We hope we may be of service to you.


Safety solutions. We've got them.


Safety isn't a costly expense; it's a wise investment in your highly valued employees, your equipment, and your bright future.  And when it comes to safety, often it's the little things that count.  Things like safety reminders.  Recognizing accident-free employees.  Training (and retraining).  And providing useful, time-tested safety equipment whenever possible.


From telehandlers to road graders.  Tractors to mowers.  Military personnel carriers to offroad vehicles.  Drilling derricks to aerial lifts.  Sport boats to performance cruisers to sailboats...


We hope we can earn the privilege of helping you meet your safety goals.  We're Sun Company, where safety begins.






 Quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for  current pricing: sales@suncompany.net or tel. 1-303-424-4651

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