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Bike Inclinometer

"How steep is this grade?"

      Now there's an answer--at a glance!

With dual scales

#1002-I  CyclClimb™ bike inclinometer


  • Easy to see indicator ball--Not a bubble

  • Mounts to handlebar with rugged aluminum bracket

  • Shows hill grade in (1) Percent Slope and (2) Angular Degrees

  • Gauges ascending and descending grades

  • Easy-to-see Saturn yellow tube--even in low light

  • Special damping fluid controls ball movement

  • No batteries needed; no unreliable GPS readings

  • Fits nearly all handlebars: 24mm to 36mm diameter.



Note:  There are times when it is unsafe, while riding, to take grade readings.  For maximum safety, stop bike in a safe place before viewing grade indication.


Designed and assembled in USA


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