Inclinometer Mounting Bracket - Sun Company Lev-o-gages


Double ball-in-socket joints allow nearly universal adjustment

Allows true vertical positioning of tilt gauge, for maximum accuracy

Bracket and Inclinometer sold separately

SUN Inclinometer Mounting Bracket

  • Mounts to dashboard, glass, instrument panel ... almost anywhere.

  • Allows true vertical mount of inclinometers.

  • 2.5" diameter base x 3.75" H.


Includes levered Suction Cup plus Sticky pad, for maximum adhesion

#2000-I  SUN Inclinometer Bracket, fully adjustable
  • Easily adjustable 360 degrees, with two ball-in-socket joints
  • Works with most SUN inclinometers and other tilt gauges
  • Mounts to glass, metal--even most clean textured surfaces
  • Includes suction cup + sticky pad at base for superior adhesion
  • Repositionable after mounting
  • Knurled knob makes positioning quick and easy
  • Attaches to inclinometer with permanent 3M® brand Very High Bond tape
  • Rugged ABS polymer construction
  • Temperature range:  -25 degrees F to +125 F/-32 deg. C to +52 C
  • Weight:  2.4 oz/68 g


Note mounting surface must be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and rust.

Bracket works with these SUN inclinometers:
  1. Lev-o-gage
  2. Lev-o-gage II
  3. Lev-o-gage 3
  4. Lev-o-gage 5
  5. Lev-o-gage 6
  6. Lev-o-gage 7
  7. Lev-o-gage 8
  8. Lev-o-gage 9
  9. Lev-o-gage Sr. (all 3 models)
  10. MiniBoom L
  11. MiniBoom R


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