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Welcome to the growing Lev-o-gage family.

45 years ago, former SUN owner and product engineer Pat Barton developed the first tilt gauge for off road vehicles.  The original Lev-o-gage was born.  Ever since, we've been designing, manufacturing, and refining a growing line of durable, useful inclinometers, slope meters and industrial levels.  Our goal is pretty simple:  To improve operator safety by providing valuable information to heavy equipment operators and many others, in a variety of industrial, construction, military and medical fields.


We can customize your products.
tilt gauge Lev-o-gage II
tilt gage levogage

Do you need custom-painted hashmarks to show safety/caution/alert zones, in red, yellow, green or any other color?  We can do that.

Do you need glow-in-the-dark hashmarks and numerals for low-light situations? We can do that.


Do you need custom-drilled holes?  We can do that, too.


Do you need custom graphics, or want your logo imprinted?  We're happy to do it!

Welcome to the growing
Sun Company family.

We're a family-owned manufacturer, located just west of Denver, Colorado.  We're pleased that our list of valued customers continues to grow each year.  And we're proud to be a genuine, Made-in-USA manufacturer.  SUN products are designed for utility and simplicity of use  And they're built rugged, to last a long time.  We're confident you'll be pleased with our quality and industry-best prices.  And you'll be impressed with our attentive customer service.



How can we help make your work site safer?

Who could use a safer work environment? 


Well, operators, from A to Z, of Aerial lifts, All-terrain telehandlers, Armored patrol vehicles, Army personnel carriers, Backhoes, Bariatric hospital beds, Boats, Boom trucks, Bucket trucks, Bulldozers, Combat engineer vehicles, Cranes, Digger derricks, Dump trucks... (and we're only through the Ds.)


Spending to improve safety is a wise investment more than an expense.  We hope we may be of service to you!



What is an inclinometer?

Inclinometers go by many names:  Tilt gauge, angle indicator, tilt indicator, level, level indicator, level gauge, angle gauge, tilt meter, gradiometer, grade indicator, percent slope meter, ball bank indicator, or clinometer and heel gauge (two common terms in the Marine or sailing industry).  They all do one important thing: Measure and display incline, usually in angular degrees, percent slope, or grade, which is typically shown as grade-to-1.


SUN inclinometers are useful in many industrial settings including Agriculture, Aviation, Boring, Construction, Drilling, Engineering, Government, Medicine, Military, Mining, Roads and Transportation. 


At Sun Company, we've specialized for 45 years in ball-in-tube inclinometers, also known as analog inclinometers or mechanical inclinometers.


If you don't find the specifications you need within our standard line, please contact us.  We'll do our best to create a product to fit your particular requirements.

 Quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for  current pricing: or tel. 1-303-424-4651

inclinometers useful in farming
inclinometer on tractor
boom angle inclinometer
inclinometer on hospital bed

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