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Our Vision


45 years ago, we designed and began manufacturing the original Lev-o-gage inclinometer here in Arvada, Colorado at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains. 


Ever since, we've been creating and manufacturing products in the USA, to make the job site safer, and equipment operators more secure.  Confidence, quality, and peace of mind.  That's what we're about.



Safety solutions since 1971

Our Solution

Some advantages of SUN inclinometers:


  • Fully enclosed, durable copolymer housings prevent breakage.

  • Engraved hashmarks and numerals, hand-filled with high-contrast Titanium white paint that lasts for decades.

  • Special Saturn Yellow tube assemblies for high visibility, even in low light.

  • 3M brand VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive foam tape for easy mounting.

Our Products

Most SUN

inclinometers are proudly 

inclinometer or tilt meter

We introduce new products, and refine existing ones, regularly.  And if you have a need for a custom product, we're happy to review your needs and help you any way we can.

If you need custom holes drilled, or have custom paint color requirements, just let us know.  Chances are we can do it for you!



Putting your safety first for 45 years

What is an inclinometer?

Inclinometers go by many names:  Tilt gauge, angle indicator, tilt indicator, level, level indicator, level gauge, angle gauge, tilt meter, gradiometer, grade indicator, percent slope meter, ball bank indicator, or clinometer and heel gauge (two common terms in the Marine or sailing industry).  They all do one important thing: Measure and display incline, usually in angular degrees, percent slope, or grade, which is typically shown as grade-to-1.


SUN inclinometers are useful in many industrial settings including Agriculture, Aviation, Boring, Construction, Drilling, Engineering, Government, Medicine, Military, Mining, Roads and Transportation. 


At Sun Company, we've specialized for 45 years in ball-in-tube inclinometers, also known as analog inclinometers or mechanical inclinometers.


If you don't find the specifications you need within our standard line, please contact us.  We'll do our best to create a product to fit your particular requirements.

~ ESTD. 1971 ~

 Quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for  current pricing: or tel. 1-303-424-4651

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